Montreal’s Theatre rental option: Symposia

Cast a spell on your audience by booking a venue space that has hosted world renowned shows.

Centre Mont-Royal offers practicality and versatility. Symposia provides a spacious multifunctional theatre for rent with an unobstructed and column free layout. The ideal acoustic setup along with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology creates an experience and atmosphere of intimacy and focus to let the show speak for itself.

This high-tech facility creates the ideal theatre rental solution for even the most audacious art and multimedia presentations.

Turnkey solutions for artists, speakers, producers and planners

A dedicated team of coordinators, kitchen staff, and on-site support team will make for a seamless event geared with smooth transitions and a glitch-free set-up.

Artists, speakers, producers and planners alike will appreciate CMR’s turnkey solutions and modern venue:

  • 730 fixed tiered seating
  • Built-in stage
  • State-of-the-art in room audio-visual
  • Booth-controlled A/V and lighting
  • Satellite up/down link cables
  • Spacious pre-function area
  • Digitally monitored climate control
  • Multiple in room rigging points
Theatre for Rent

A set up to delight and captivate the audience

As far as theatre rental goes in Montreal’s downtown core, Théâtre Symposia is the ultimate choice. It will provide full service possibilities from cocktail, to show to banquet dinner and after party; quite simply, the audience can enjoy various events in one evening within one single versatile establishment.

Whether the audience is there to see a concert, award ceremony, theatre play, stand-up comedy or conference, they will be delighted to feel the room at a high comfort level and experience a seamless and easy layout enabling them to focus solely on the show. Théâtre Symposia breathes high end capabilities. Renting a theatre in Montreal has never been so easy:

  • Digital temperature control
  • 8 hour comfort seating for up to 730 people
  • Up to 10 individual green rooms for artists/speakers
  • Spacious circulation areas and a VIP suite
  • Terrace & bar
  • Catering & cocktail options
  • Access to VIP suite

Auditorium information

Built-in Stage

icon-dimension-pi Size in feet
icon-superficie-pi Square footage
icon-hauteur-pi Height in feet
icon-dimension-m Size in meters
icon-superficie-m Square meters
icon-hauteur-m Height in meters