Reception Venues
Salons (I & II) & Foyers Mont-Royal

This reception venue can be separated into two meeting halls and the adjacent foyers include a full service bar to accommodate all reception guests.

The Salon Mont-Royal I and II provide column-free spaces hosting a variety of event possibilities like banquets, cocktails, conferences, press conference, trade shows, exhibitions, shows, video projections.

The adjacent foyer Mont-Royal boasts a classically styled 30 foot built-in bar with beautiful views, high ceilings and abundant natural light.

Salon Mont-Royal's Foyer II Salon Mont-Royal's Foyer I Salon Mont-Royal II Salon Mont-Royal I Services


Name of room

Salon Mont-Royal I et II Salon Mont-Royal I Salon Mont-Royal II Salon Mont-Royal's Foyer I Salon Mont-Royal's Foyer II


icon-dimension-pi Size in feet
icon-superficie-pi Square footage
icon-hauteur-pi Height in feet
icon-dimension-m Size in meters
icon-superficie-m Square meters
icon-hauteur-m Height in meters


icon-theater Theatre
icon-classroom Classroom
icon-banquet Banquet
icon-ushaped U-Shaped
icon-hollow Hollow
icon-reception Reception
icon-conference Conference
icon-exhibition Exhibit Booth